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What Will It Be – Dual or Quad Core Processors on iPad 3?

apple a5x processorThe buzz is getting louder as we approach the iPad 3 release date. But still we are not sure of iPad 3’s final configuration and Apple, as always, is playing it’s cards close to the chest. Earlier we reported about the possible debut of an A6 quad-core process in iPad 3 and the related evidence found in iOS 5.1 beta update. It seems there is a twist in the tale.

A photo on the Chinese site WeiPhone claims to show iPad 3’s logic board featuring an A5X SOC (system on a chip). A4 processor initially appeared on the original iPad and iPhone 4. It was followed by the dual-core A5 processor chip in iPad 2. A6 seemed to be the logical continuation. But A5X would also fit in with Apple’s strategy of incrementally upgrading a product. iPhone 3G to 3GS and iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S are the previous precedents.

As some analysts believe that A5X is a revamped dual-core processor, there is a also a rumor doing the rounds that Apple might be working on both dual and quad-core chips for the coming iPad 3. Apple might be testing both the chips before zeroing on the best one. It is possible that Apple might use the A5X chip for the 8-inch iPad mini and A6 quad-core chip for the full-fledged iPad 3. Do you think Apple wants to give two tiers of processors and thus more choice to users in finalizing their iPad 3? We have to wait till March 7th to get the final word on this.


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