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A6 processors not ready until 2012, doesn’t look good for iPad 3

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If the following rumours turn out to be true im sure we could see even bigger riots than what we have seen over the last few weeks here in London. Sources (which are mostly unreliable) report that the iPad 3 & iPhone 5 wont be available until 2012. Personally i dont see this too much of a surprise as i pointed out in a few previous articles my thoughts on the unlikelyhood of a 2011 release.

While most of the rumours you will read on the net are merely fabricated out of thin air, there is one report that does hold some ground. Taiwan Economic News have reported the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co who manufacture the forthcoming A6 processors (which will power the iPad 3) are only currently in testing phase and wont be completed until early 2012. It is more than likely the iPad 3 will run on the A6 processors and if so it means we wont see the iPad 3 until at least Q2 2012.

A few other, less reliable, rumours claim Apple will release all of its forthcoming next-gen devices in March 2012. It appears that the date set for an iPhone 5 release this September has now changed slightly and will instead be a new affordable iPhone which analysts believe is an attempt at Apple trying to tap into the mid range mobile device market.

This is a clever move by Apple, they are well aware of their huge loyal following of fanboys & girls that will buy new Apple products all year round. Offering a cheaper iPhone this Christmas will allow the people on a budget to become part of the Apple family.

These are all just rumours that dont have much factual backing to them, however an iPad 3 release in 2011 would never have been a good move in Apple’s eye’s. The iPad 2 is still selling well and it would have certainly p**sed a few customers off having just bought the iPad 2 only to see it being outdated a few months after purchase.

With the recent injunction awarded to Apple to prohibit the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the EU which is the iPad 2’s biggest competition to be released to date, there doesnt seem to be much pressure on Apple to release the iPad 3 this year.

An iPad 3 release date doesn’t seem likely in 2011, only Steve Jobs knows the answer…

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5 Responses to “A6 processors not ready until 2012, doesn’t look good for iPad 3”

  1. On August 16, 2011 at 10:34 am iPad3dude responded with... #

    Hey Peco! Nice website you have created here, congratulations. You have made a good point about there not being any pressure on Apple to release the iPad 3 this year, personally I think it will be early 2012. However i’m not sold on the idea of Apple releasing a cheaper iPhone model… hopefully we will find out soon though!

    • On August 16, 2011 at 11:47 am admin responded with... #

      thanks for the kind words, well i think as other companies are starting to make phones better than the iphone (they have for a while tbh) and for cheaper i think its wise for apple to try and tap into the mid range phone market with a skimmed down/basic iphone.

      2012 looks like a good year for us tech heads :)


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