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2012 is the Year of the iPad3: Definitely not 2011

Holding a press event in October tells us that this is Apple’s last even for 2011. And since all the talk circled around the iPhone, it’s not rocket science to guess that there’s no chance in hell consumers will be able to but an iPad 3 off store shelves this holiday season. However, rumors still can play on the chance that Apple would release a modified iPad 2, albeit shinier and prettier. Whether it would sport a spec boost or just a shiny case, the event is still short of something as big as the iPad 3. There are a lot of reasons why Apple would opt to delay the release of the much-awaited next gen iPad.

First, the iPad2 still outsells the competition. While Android tablets seem to be competing for the same minority marketshare, the HP TouchPad sold so bad that it was canceled. Meanwhile, Amazon is about to launch a tablet which doesn’t even plan to compete with the iPad. In other words, there is no reason for Apple to hurry releasing an improvement to something that sells, and sells very well. Many have speculated that because the iPad 2 was no more than a mere revision, Apple may have been secretly working of a new and revolutionary iPad design that is sure to awe even the Apple skeptics. They think that with more than a year being kept secret, the redesign should surely be ready by now. But just like all assumptions, the frequency it is talked about will not turn it into fact. Apple’s concern is the holiday shoppers looking forward to buy whether the existing iPad2 or the coming iPad3. The fear that they might buy something that would immediately be replaced by a newer model, the very exact scenario that happened with the iPad. But Apple can avoid this dilemma with an improved iPad2 to serve as a buffer or an intermediate iPad. This could be a transitional iPad from iPad2 to the iPad3. This is what Apple may exactly end up doing, although quietly. Whatever happens, you shouldn’t expect to see the iPad 3 before the year ends.

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    I want one NOW!!!!

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    March 7th?

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      looks like it yes :)

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